AX-Power 4 is a power supply unit PoE (Power over Ethernet) according to the standard IEEE 802.3at, with the possibility of uninterruptible power as the unit has room for 4 pcs. batteries (12V 7.2-9 Ah). A single Ethernet cable (CAT6 UTP) is all that is needed for the door environment. AX-Power 4 Plus has four PoE ports in the basic version, which supply door environments in Axema VAKA access control systems with up to 30W per port, as well as two standard network ports (without PoE, used as input / output).

AX-Power 4 Plus is ready for addition with two more. AX-Power Plus Switch Kit, to a total of 12 PoE ports.

AX-Power 4 Plus also has a built-in patch panel for Keystone jack, for simpler and nicer installations and for smooth connection with additional devices. AX-Power 4 Plus is protected against overload, short circuit and against deep discharge of the batteries. Mains, loads and batteries are protected by fuses.

Updated 23/11/2020