Machine groups and control

  1. Open the reservation object to be configured and select the Machines tab. Grp0 refers to a machine group, and more groups can be added. For this click the + sign.
  2. Click Add... next to the Relay field and select the relay to be used. If the Add... button is greyed out, at least one C17 relay must be configured for machine control.
  3. If required, enter how long before the start of access and after the end of access the machine group’s relays need to be active. If Pre-start is 0 (zero), the relays are activated by entry through the end point.

If more than one machine group is used and Pre-start is 0 (zero), then only one machine group will be activated when the first user enters the end point. When the next user enters the end point, a different machine group is activated, and so on. Machine groups are selected at random.

If more than one machine group is used, All Reservations (the Advanced tab) must be set to the same value as the number of machine groups so that multiple users will be able to reserve the same interval.

C17 relays for machine control

  1. Click the Doors tab.
  2. Double-click the door whose C17 module is to be used for machine control.
  3. Select the Relays tab.
  4. Double-click the relay you want to configure.
  5. This opens a dialogue for relay properties.
    1. Enter a Name.
    2. Select Reservation as function.
    3. Enter relay function (NO/NC)
      In Normal close (NC) mode, the relay must be activated once to enter the correct mode.
  6. Click Save to close.

Remember: A user can only activate one machine group even if they have reserved several objects for a reservation interval.

Updated 18/09/2023