Playlists (Available in Version 3.8x and higher)

Displaying information involves creating so-called Playlists that can be directed to one or more information screens. This provides a simple procedure enabling time savings in systems with many screens. When the content of a playlist is updated or replaced, the new information will be displayed on all information screens set to use that playlist.

Playlists are linked to location in VAKA (see About location for more information about locations). Each playlist can be linked to any number of locations (maximum of 200 locations).

A row in a playlist, corresponding to a display image on the screen. A row can be split for display on half the screen. A split row can have an item of information on the left side (e.g. tenant list) and other information on the right side (e.g. BRF information)

  • Every location can have two playlists set (primary and secondary).
  • Every playlist can have 10 lines, which means 20 lines for each location.]
  • Every line can have 4 unique information views.

Available settings

  • Files Upload/Save the appropriate PDF document and web addresses.
  • Playlists Create a new or edit a playlist
  • Locations You can link playlists to each location here.
  • When you select Add or change Playlist, a new window opens:
    • Select Add Row (if multiple screens have the same location, with unique addresses, these are shown as “Screen A”, “Screen B”, etc.).
    • Select whether the line shall be display as full screen or split screen. The select the fields and their content to display in each screen.
    • Every line has a setting ”Displays for (time),” which set how long the object will be displayed before changing to the next object.


To display the tenants list and two pdf files, two lines are created where one is for members on the one half of both lines, and with the first pdf file in Line 1 and the second pdf file in Line 2.

Display for (time) is set at 15 seconds.

The display in the information screen will then show the tenants list in the first half and the pdf information in the second, where this pdf information switches from pdf 1 between pdf 2 every 15 seconds.

For each line, you can also set the date that line will be displayed. This is highly useful when, for example, you want to prepare a Christmas greeting for display on every screen.

Remember: Web pages with special X-Frame settings cannot be displayed in the information terminal.

Remember: From VAKA generation 4, playlists run over SSL (443). No reconfiguration is required in panels. It is done automatically once the panel has retrieved the update. However, in the event of an error, check that boards can reach B60s via TCP 443/https.

Sorting tenants list and showing apartment number.

How the tenants list is sorted and if apartment numbers are shown is configured for each screen in Settings > Domain settings > Domain: x > Location: n > Screen x.

With high system security

If system security is set to High (Settings -> System -> Security ) in systems containing multiple domains, web material cannot be fetched to domains other than that of the connection point.

Updated 18/09/2023