Alarm zone

  1. Click the Zones tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a name for the Zone and select Alarm zone.
  4. Click the Doors tab and add the doors used for the zone area.

    Control1 (in)2 (out)3 (inner)
    Alarm on with ANoYes, reader A
    Cancel alarm activationYesYesYes
    Alarm off with tagYesNoNo
    Spoken message on warningNoYesYes, reader A
    Spoken message on warning on alarm activationYesYesYes, reader A
    Red LED (optional)YesNoYes, reader A and B
    Alarm on/off via menu (A66)YesYesYes
  5. Enter the door controller that is connected to the alarm system.
  6. Click the Alarm (general) tab.
  7. Select Card or Card + PIN to set or unset the alarm. Set a schedule for setting the alarm, where applicable.
  8. In the Alarm (connection) tab, configure the connection.
  9. In the Alarm (advanced) tab, configure alarm indication and pre-alarm relay..
  10. Click Save to close.

Updated 18/09/2023