Configuring e-mail account settings

In case of doubt, contact your IT Manager or Internet provider for help with information.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> System -> Email.
  2. Select “Activate email sending"
  3. In the two upper drop down menus, enter the type of security and method of authentication.
  4. Enter the username and password for logging into the email account.
  5. Enter the server on which the account is registered.
  6. Enter the port for communicating with the email server.
  7. Enter the sender address**. This address will be displayed as the sender of notifications from VAKA.
  8. If there is more than one recipient, select Merge multiple recipients in the same posting. *

*The requirements for this setting vary depending on the settings on the email server.
**Usually the same as the username.

Updated 18/09/2023