Anti-passback (APB)

Anti-passback requires entry and exit readers.

  1. Click the Zones menu and select Add.
  2. Enter a name for the zone and select Anti-Passback (APB).
  3. Click the Doors tab and add doors for entry and exit.
  4. Click the Anti-Passback tab and configure the zone.
  5. Click Save to close.

Please note: Caretakers (set for each access group) are not covered by anti-passback rules.

Remember: The C18 radio module does not provide access in specific directions, it can therefore no be used for anti-passback considerations.

Type of Anti-passback

  • Soft anti-passback
    In the case of a violation, the user may continue to move around the system; however, the violation will generate an event, which can be configured as an alarm event.
  • Soft, block anti-passback
    In the case of a violation, the user is blocked at the doors included in the anti-passback zone. The block is cancelled if the person is moving in the correct direction.
  • Hard anti-passback
    Blocks the user at all doors in the system.

Other settings

  • Enable automatic reset
    Use Neutralize for the person and cancel the blocks after the set time. A person set as neutralize may enter in and out from an APB area (Applies to hard APB only).
  • Automatic set for neutralize
    Set neutralize for all persons at the breakpoint time
  • Automatic reset (Hard APB only)
    Cancels all blocks caused by hard APB at the breakpoint time.

Breakpoint time is configured in Settings > Card/Code > Advanced > Attendance.

Updated 18/09/2023