Postal IR codes (Sweden only)

  1. Click the Settings menu and select Card/Code.
  2. Select Activate settings for Postal IR codes.
  3. Repeat for all doors where Postal IR codes should be used.
    1. Select the Doors tab and double-click the door to be configured.
    2. Click the Postal IR-Codes tab.
    3. Enter the channels that should be active and their time period(s).
    4. Click Save.


  1. PostNord, the Swedish Direct Marketing Agency, the Swedish Prosecution Authority and the Police
  2. Bring and CityMail (Press Morning Service)
  3. Not used
  4. Advertising, real estate agencies.
  5. The Swedish Enforcement Agency.
  6. Testing, service and installation

Reset IR-codes…

IR-codes are reset under System > Card/Codes > Postal IR codes > Reset IR codes.

Updated 18/09/2023