General entry phone settings

Calling time

Set the maximum duration of a call attempt - not greater than 4 minutes 15 seconds.

Call length

Indicates how long the call may last.

Door opening

The appropriate button on the answering phone used to unlock.

Use [5] to answer calls

If an analogue phone line is used, this function must be enabled to receive the “Entry phone call” message, after which the number 5 can be used to answer the call.

End the call

Select a phone button to use when ending the call.

Prolonging of on-going call

Selecting a button to prolong the call (by the set call time).

A tone indicates when seven seconds remain, indicating that there is an option to extend the call time.

Phone number

Enabling this allows you to call a telephone number with a leading zero.

Short numbers

Select the length of the short numbers

Updated 18/09/2023