About Line types

Local SIP server

The Master C10 Entry phone module has a pre-programmed phone number (connection number) in the series, 100 to 500. When registering SIP-clients in the local server, the connection number is used as username and ax, followed by the connection number is used as the password. For example, the connection number 100 has the user name 100 and the password ax100.

The IP Address for the Master C10 Entry Phone Module is used for the SIP domain, pre-set to

External SIP server

External SIP servers require network connection, DNS servers, and a subscription to an IP telephony provider; Axema recommends and mediates Telavox subscriptions.

4G-Router C64 with a 4G subscription from 3 offers a simple, wireless network connection that is preconfigured for VAKA.

Updated 18/09/2023