Information and reservation terminal

When installing an information and reservation terminal it is assigned an existing or new location. See About location for more information about locations. The location can be changed under Settings > Domain setting > Screen x.

What is shown.

  1. Click the Information centre tab in the VAKA software.
  2. Click Add PDF or Add web page and follow the instructions.
  3. Select the tab with the name of the location that has the terminal (s) to be configured.
  4. If multiple screen objects should circulate, click Add row and enter how long the object should appear (Time (s)).
  5. If the screen object shall appear only on certain dates, start and stop dates can be set under Start/ Stop date.
  6. To split the screen into two views, click .
  7. Click the drop down menu(s) on each object and select what to show. Clock should only be used if reservation is activated.
  8. Click Save to close.

Web pages with special X-Frame settings cannot be shown in the information terminal.

Sorting tenants list and showing apartment number.

How the tenants list is sorted and if apartment numbers are shown is configured for each screen in Settings > Domain settings > Domain: x > Location: n > Screen x.

Updated 18/09/2023