Installing hardware (controllers, readers etc.)

Hardware is normally detected automatically by VAKA and installed (in the software) automatically. When you want to add hardware that is not physically installed, it can be installed manually.

Before installing controllers in VAKA, make sure that the control panels are correctly addressed.

When installing information and reservation terminals, see Information and reservation terminal.

When installing domain controllers (B60), see also About domains.

Automatic installation

  1. Click on the dialogue New hardware has been found.
  2. Select the devices to be installed and click Install.
  3. Follow the instructions in VAKA.

Manual installation

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Installation.
  2. Select the type of device to install.
  3. Select Add device manually and click Next >.
  4. Follow the instructions in VAKA.


A system without B60 can be supplemented with B60 if necessary, and a so-called migration needs to be done.

Before migration, ensure that the doors’ firmware and B60 firmware belong to the same VAKA version; see

  1. Create a system backup as per Create or restore a backup.
  2. Export persons in the system (Persons > Export).
  3. Make sure that the door controllers are set to their factory default IP addresses (
  4. Click the New hardware detected dialogue. New hardware that allows migration...
  5. If multiple B60s are installed, select the controller to use as connection point. The connection point is the controller to which connection takes place during system administration and booking.
  6. Click on Next > and follow the instructions.

Updated 18/09/2023