Relay control (Relay module C17)

  1. Click the Doors tab and double-click the required door with the C17 module.
  2. Select the Relays tab.
  3. Double-click the relay you want to configure.
  4. This opens a dialogue for relay properties.
    Properties you can set for the relay include:
    • Name
    • Generic or Lift control
      Select Generic if the relay will control machines or the relay will be controlled by C18 and radio keys, or when opened from an answering device (entry phone).
    • NO/NC
      In Normal close (NC) mode, the relay must be activated once to enter the correct mode.
    • Delay
      Delay before the relay is activated.
    • Control
      The relay is activated when the selected doors are passed.
  5. Click Save to close.

Relay control is set for each access group the same way as for doors.

When using Smart Call, relays can only be controlled in conjunction with Smart Call and incoming calls.

Updated 18/09/2023