Configure Entry phone functionality

  1. Select the Settings menu.
  2. Click Entry Phone.
  3. Next to Phone list shows:, select whether the phone list is to show persons or organisation groups (showing persons is by far the more common).
  4. Click the Specific tab and then on Advanced.
  5. If you want the call up to use a local SIP server, such as a Gigaset N510.
    1. Select Permit using a local SIP server.
    2. See About Line types for more information about local SIP servers in VAKA.
  6. If you want the call up to use an external SIP server (Telavox).
    1. Enter as DNS Server 1 and as DNS Server 2.
    2. Enter the Gateway, which is the connection point to the internet, such as a router or B60 (
    3. Select Permit using an external SIP server.
    4. Enter the relevant details from Telavox under User Account.
    VAKA fieldsUser details from Telavox
    Account id:Name
    Proxy Server: 

See General entry phone settings for more information about general Entry phone setting.

In VAKA systems with IP addresses other than factory default ones, the IP address for C10 will also need to be changed.

Updated 18/09/2023