Table of contents

Axema VAKA 4 (with B60)
Installation of free alternatives to Oracle JAVA
Set the fixed IP address of the computer's network card
Log in to VAKA
VAKA Admin
Enable VAKA Admin
Certificate types
Activate certificate
Installation of a VAKA generated certificate
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
VAKA Notifications
Configuring e-mail account settings
Grouping of events into channels
Linking roles to channels
Link role to user
Doors for event notification
Access control
Schedule for access control
Access groups for access control
Door settings for access control
Door opener and extended unlocked time
Exit button
Group code
Anti-passback (APB)
Motor lock
Postal IR codes (Sweden only)
Welcome message
Entry Phone
Technical prerequisites
IP telephony
Configure Entry phone functionality
Door settings for entry phone
Access group for entry phone.
General entry phone settings
Smart Call and incoming calls
Call-up using the whole phone number.
Calling using short numbers/name list
VAKA CALL Entry phones in company switch boards
IP based software phones and applications
Relay control with Entry phones
Playlists (Available in Version 3.8x and higher)
Enable Reservation
Time schedule for reservation
Create and configure a reservation object
Doors that lead to reservation objects.
Machine groups and control
Secondary end point
Access group for reservation.
Enable Email reservation
Edit reservations and allocate for service
Alarm control
Time schedule for alarm connection
Alarm zone
Access groups for alarm control.
Connection warning in external speakers
Add person
Network Settings
Radio keys
Relay control (Relay module C17)
Volume settings
Installing hardware (controllers, readers etc.)
Create or restore a backup
Roles and rights
About Access Groups
About door settings
About External inputs
About AUX relay functions
About Security levels
About ID
If Calendar days
About organization groups
About schedules
About Line types
About location
About domains

Updated 18/09/2023